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  • 24 April 2014
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having been through (alive and kind of old) during the Tandy computer days, the DOS days, and now everything should be a breeze. and yet spending time now in sites of "why" and "how?" A webroot customer now going on 4 or 5 yrs...and BAM, crap hits the fan, no wait, it goes through the fan, and no company, hp, ms, webroot caught it. Any youngsters, anybody at all here, do you know anything about AMD Gaming Evolved program that is connected with Raptr Desktop App and AMD Catalyst Control Center that will crash nearly everything?? Googled "is Raptr Desktop App a virus"  results in: if attempted to uninstall a trojan horse is activated?  Anyone know about this stuff? MS spent over 4 hrs last nite fixing it...it didn't work. Just curious...and attempted to contact webroot chat....it opened and then it's busy! A service meant to guard the simplest of comands...busy. Call back later??? Webroot!  

2 replies

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Hi bw! Welcome to the Webroot Communitiy, great to have you here:). All I can I offer to this situation right now is to issue a Support ticket where they will get back with you soon and could remotely take a look at this problem. Hopefully @ can offer some assistance in the right direction or try this link for support. HTTPs://detail.webrootanywhere.com/servicewelcome.asp?source=?UTM_SOURCE=COMMUNITY&UTM_MEDIUM=NOTADS&UTM_CAMPAIGN=COMMUNITY
Hopefully this link will get you to the right support. Good luck ,

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Hello bw.  Welcome to the Webroot Community!
I am sorry that you appear to have difficulty connection to a Webroot support agent over the chat function.  Here on the Community we are mostly volunteers, so I am not able to provide any information as to what the problem with the chat function was.
I am unable to find any references that the app in question is a virus, but I do see quite a few that note many AV's may detect it as a False Postive.  That simply means the AV software may detect it as a virus, even though the application may be safe.  If an AV is halting or blocking a part of an application as suspect, the application will not run and/or crash.
I urge you to submit a Trouble Ticket.  This will serve a few purposes.
  • If the application is a virus, Webroot support will assist in removal.  Here on the Community we can help with a multitude of issues, but virus removal is only handled by Webroot Support.
  • If the application is being affected by a False Positive, causing the computer to malfuntion, Webroot Support will also be able to assist with this by identifying the problem and 'whitelisting' the file.  I see several reports of the problem, and if it is a False Postive, by fixing the issue for you it will fix the issue for all Webroot users.