Accidently removed Samsung Tablet from my account console

  • 26 December 2013
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Hi. I have accidently removed the tablet from the list in my accoun on Webroot website. All the software is intact on the device so I do not need to download  it - I can't anyway because Play store shows it is installed already and the device itself won't let me uninstall it. So how can I reactivate it (add it) to my account on the website? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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4 replies

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Hi ukpsok
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
Sorry to hear about your troubles with WSA...but that is whay we are  part.;)
OK, I think that I understand where you are at.
The first things that you can try, that sometimes works, is to uninstall, reboot and then clean reinstall WSA on the device (if you have customised your Advanced Settings then make a note of what you have doen so that you can reset the settings to how you had them once the clean install is finsihed).  Then, check the Web Console again to see if that has done the trick, having given the background process at Webroot some time to complete.
However, I am afraid that reinstalling WSA may not add it back to the console since it is still in a deactivated state.  If you find that your tablet is not listed in your account then, to reactivate it, you will need to contact Webroot Support.  To do so, please click here.

Please make sure that in your message to the Support team, you are sure to include the name of the computer you want to reactivate.
Hope that helps?  Do post back to let us know how you have gotten on, and most certainly if you are still having the issue...and to stick around in the Community Forums as they are not just here to help with issues...there is a lot to learn, and fun to be had too.
Hope to see you around. ;)
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I took a look at your subscription and your online account was connected to a deactivated keycode. I've attached your new keycode, but we may need to start with a new account since this one has been deactivated for some time.
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Hi Mike
Merry Christmas...glad that an expert has chipped in. ;)
Thanks Guys - I will proceed as suggested.
Happy New Year