ALL AV show active & up to date

  • 30 March 2018
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about 3 weeks ago, security essentials, malwarebytes, & webroot seemed a little different. i now have an extra partition on my hard drive & a RAM DISK? i can telll the icons for malware bytes & webroot are not the real ones. i wiped my drive & reinstalled windows 7,  but what ever it is , its almost like its alive. reg keys changed, & i have even found manifests it writes stating things as to how it is tricking the system. i never download anything i shouldnt, & have no clue how this got on my PC

1 reply

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Hi jblaker
Given what you are saying/reporting I would very strongly recommend that you Open a Support Ticket with all of the details you can provde and look to get the Support Team to investigate this for you as it sounds like you need 'professional' help.
Regards, Baldrick