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Hi all
I am mlurp and a bit upset that it takes so much time while I am wanting to see the football game. So please excuse me if I am quick & blunt.
This is as close to my question I saw so let me ask has version lost its most important feature, to remove wasted MB's of clutter when shutting down. I see it doesn't clean the Recycle Bin any longer! Is this a sign I have lost the reason I spent so much for so long?
Please let me know. And nice meeting each of you... :D

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Go in to "Advanced Settings" on the top right of the main window,  and then to "System Optimizer" on the left side, you'll see all the options on what to clean up in there. Just put a check in the box on what you want it to clean.
The Recycle Bin is one of the options :)
Also, you can schedule the optimizer to run when you want it to under the "Scheduler" selection on the left of that window as well.
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Hello and welcome to the Webroot Community.

The clean-up operation you speak of is now known as System Optimizer. It can be found under Utilities if you're using the version of WSA that supports it.

Here's the Help page detailing how to use System Optimizer:

In order for System Optimizer to clean the Recycle Bin, that option has to be ticked under System Optimizer settings - see here:

Hope that helps. 🙂
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Thanks for the great response Tony.
After you enable the settings as Tony has explained, click 'Utilities' on the lower right hand side of the UI and then 'Optimize Now'.
I did this on the first day they changed to this newest version. And it doesn't work if I start SecureAnywhere from either the desktop or from the tray.
So it makes me wonder if it does do any clean ups as it once did. I started with the old Window Washer and for one reason only.
As a clean up tool.
Yes it had improved, to security. Yet it still had a "clean Up" cycle that was started by the user. Now I can't tell {except for the recycle bin} if it does this...
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When I get home I will grab a screenshot of mine: it works and has cleared a huge amount off my drive.
Hi Mike R, I am new and am not sure how these messages work. I was hoping when I reply all of the info given would appear in the new message, which it doesn't.
So let make this clear I have already done what people suggest. This is a utility tool and I learn how to use my tools. So please tell me why when my recycle bin has items in it, and I run Secure Anywhere it isn't cleaned?
And does this mean it hasn't cleaned any other items I have added to the list in the Advance Settings, System Optimizer?
My thanks,
David 1970
I have a life else wheres, and the time I spend here takes away from my time at my Political site. I didn't spend $ to make a lot of new friends and chat.
I respect your desire to do this. But I do it else where.. I will come back and check if anyone can help me...
And Thanks
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mlurp, please open a support case from the computer having the issue.  We'd like to verify what's being said by taking a look at your cleanup log please.  I can confirm as well that the recycle bin is cleared for me too.  In the body of the message, please include a link to this topic so that the support agent who reads the case will be brought up to speed on what's being discussed here.
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@ wrote:
David 1970
I have a life else wheres, and the time I spend here takes away from my time at my Political site. I didn't spend $ to make a lot of new friends and chat.
I respect your desire to do this. But I do it else where.. I will come back and check if anyone can help me...
And Thanks
I also have a life elsewhere, but I enjoy helping others here when I have time.  No worries though... I won't bother to attempt to offer you any help in the future as you do not want to have it from me evidently.
Thanks Much Jim
After I close shop here that was my intension. I shall copy & paste the link above to the message.
gee https:///t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/4764
Sr. Expert Advisor, It would appear you took what I wrote to define the situation a bit personnel. That isn't such an EXPERT ADVISER type action IMHO.Yet I do deal with several like you daily if I do get to my site. It wasn't meant to be taken personnel. As I am not likely to do a profile much less try to teach others how to deal with problems like you do as well as others. Now I knew this before I came here..And wanted to be friendly as well as get some answers. Thanks to another I got what I needed. I meant no disrespect but fear you did. So eat some humble pie bro........ Don't let life pass you by. In Christ there is peace. mlurp
I guess I won't be contacting Web Root sense trying to log in there went foul. And they keep sending me e-mails, another 8.
This simple attempt to get help has turned into well I think it is a waste of time. So I am going hunting for a Utility to clean up waste & trash.
Heck I run Norton Security Suite I have no need for what was once a great clean up utility... I shall give it a try tomorrow then quit if it gets to involved.
Thanks for the hint... 😃.
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The recycle bin is cleaned by the cleanup function in Webroot (see below for the details from my test PC, notice the bin is full/empty and see the log files photo).I have checked the support ticket you made no mention of this issue so my colleague wasnt aware that you were having a specific issue with the recycle bin. I will send you a request for full diagnostic logs in the support system. Please understand that we are all trying to help you out.



Well I finally got things understood to my satisfaction. I had to re-read all suggestions & play with the new WSA till after midnight.
Yet the time spent was worth it as I do like this Utility. Compared to D/L a new Utility and starting over again.
My thanks to each member who lead me in the right direction. Also to the one who wanted me to hang around, which I can not do.
Now that this is solved I can get on with my life. 😃