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  • 11 April 2014
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I have had Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete for about two weeks.  So far, it has been good.  I do have a question I can't find the answer to, I have looked in the user guide, on the forum etc. 
When the software blocks a website because it is classified as malicious, a message and a screen appears and the only option I can select  is to continue.    The message is orange on black.  What do I do to leave this site I have been signing off the internet.
I hope I have explained this well enough.  I would appreciate any help.

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4 replies

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Hello jlb0921, welcome to the Webroot Community!
To avoid going to the page that was blocked, you can simply click the browser back button.  That should return you to the previous 'clean' page that you were on.
I did use the back button the second time this happened.  I was returned to the previous screen which sent me back to the blocked page.  I couldn't get out of the loop so signed off.
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Oh, ok. I see what is going on there.  You had a "middle" step in there...a page that redirects.  For example:
You are on page A, and click a link
This takes you to URL B, but that page is nothing but a redirect to page C
Page C is being blocked.
Instead of a 'single click' on the back button have you tried to press and hold to bring the drop down of recent pages?  Try it and go 2 steps back instead of one.
Let us know if that works!
Thank you.  I hope it doesn't happen again, but your solution.  Thanks again