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  • 29 December 2020
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The category Alcohol and Tobacco is restricted.

Your organization's internet usage policy restricts access to this website at this time.

Please contact your network administrator if you have any questions.

Submit a request to review category here

How do I fix this in Secureanywhere? Or change category in Secureanywhere?



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This is due to a policy in place with the DNS Protection blocking the Alcohol and Tobacco category. If you aren’t the admin on this, you’ll need to reach out to the people that admin your console to ask this.

There might be a legit reason in a workplace for HR and security reasons, why, specific categories are blocked. 


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John H

Sorry for delay in responding - I am the Owner of the business as well as the admin for Webroot and with just me and 2 other people here I also deal with internet, network, HR and just about every other problem that comes up including but not limited to janitorial duties. Just need to find DNS Protection to deal with categories.

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Hello @PhilSheaCPA 


Did you contact Webroot BrightCloud as you posted the link?


They are the only ones that can help you.