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  • 4 January 2014
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I have too many subscriptions and wish to change one of our computers, where the subscription is about to expire, to another keycode from another subscription, which i just renewed with only one computer on it.  I am not sure how to make this happen.  Can someone please advise.  Thanks.

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Hello Dennis345 and welcome to the Webroot Community!
That should be pretty easy.  Open the WSA interface.  On the right side at bottom, click on the 'gear tool' next to My Account.  On the page that displays, simply enter the key code you wish to use on the computer into the white box and click the Activate button.  As long as you have a seat free on the key code you are putting in, that should be all you need to do!
Worked like a charm.  Thanks
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Anytime.  NOTE: This ALSO works to UPGRADE from the AV to the Complete.  Simply changing the key code will unlock the Complete features with no re-install needed 🙂
I have a similar issue. My original version of webroot I got from Best Buy. When it expired I decided to upgrade to complete, I had an offer I wanted to use. I received the new key code, I entered it as you described and the program worked. After shutting down and when I rebooted my laptop the original program showed as Expired and that I needed to renew. I tried again with the same result. Do you have any ideas?
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Hello MandM and welcome to the Webroot Community!
Since you had a Best Buy license, and now purchased a new key code that is supported directly through Webroot, you will need to uninstall the Best Buy version and re-install using a fresh download.  Use the download link below in my signature area, but NOT the Best Buy link.
While the Best Buy version is essentially identical in most ways, it DOES have a separate Key Code Database, and the key codes cannot be interchanged in the same manner.
Thank you very much! That did the trick. Working like a charm.
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While we may be mostly volunteers here, we are always happy to help.  Please let us know anytime we can help and we will do our best 🙂
Hi....I purchased my computer from Best Buy and they installed webroot.  I now have purchased webroot on my own and want to install it on my laptop (it is also on my desktop) and I can't uninstall it from my laptop.  Can you help me?  
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@, all you will need to do is activate your new keycode. Use these quick steps:
1. Open the Webroot program and click the gear icon next to "My Account" at the bottom right.
2. Enter your keycode in the field provided under "Activate a new keycode” and click "Activate."
Feel free to send me a private message directly if you have any problems!
is it possible to do this via command line? if so, what would the command be?