• 7 November 2013
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I am new to your community, and very pleased that such a forum exists.  I hope somebody out there can help!
My problem is ChartNet, the program I use for work.  Whenever there is an upgrade to ChartNet, which there was this morning, some of the programs within ChartNet simply stop working.  I have been told by IT that Webroot does not recognize ChartNet upgrades and therefore disallows upgrades.  Is there some way to enable/allow upgrades to ChartNet that Webroot will not see as a threat? 
I appreciate any help.  As I do work from home and am paid by production, this is a frustrating situation.  Thanks so much in advance!

3 replies

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Hi Cynthia,
If Webroot sees a program as a threat, it's easily overridden for all computers. Your IT should contact support, they are extremely proactive about any compatibility concerns.
Thank you, Explanoit. Unfortunately, my IT guy has put the burden on me to fix. How do you suggest I go about doing that? (He keeps pushing me to use other antivirus programs of his choosing...)
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Hello Cynthia88 and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

It best to Submit a Support Ticket and they will get some logs and it's a simple thing of getting the new updated files whitelisted and discuss with support what to do when it updates again and issues return I'm sure they will get you sorted! And please let us know the out come as it could help others.
Daniel 😉