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  • 5 November 2017
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Hi all, 
I'm not technically new on the forum, as I've posted troubleshooting stuff before. I've spent the past year or so trying out just about every AV product on the market. I'm a geek. And decided to come back to Webroot permanently. Reason being, the other guys' suites are becoming way too bloated. Even though modern PCs don't get bogged down by AV, it's concerning to me that Bitdefender, Trend, and many others use 300+MB of memory at idle, and it gets more every year. Is it poor coding? How can Norton or Avast provide the same, if not better protection, using only 20MB? (not comparing Webroot because of its unique cloud-exclusive function)....... This is a rhetorical question, but that is the main thing stuck in my mind after of a years' worth of fooling around with AV products, and a main reason I ended up back at Webroot.  Yeah, I'm a geek. I also like to check out the user interface of all the products. I think most of them do a good job at that these days. 
I'm also a country guy who loves rural life. I live in the sticks on a couple acres of land in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns in SC. I love taking rides in the mountains trying to hone my photography skills. I like doing stuff as simple as yard work, or complex as building my next PC. Other stuff I like is strong coffee and premium Dominican and Honduran cigars.  
Hope to be able to help some of y'all out along the way here. I know I'll probably have some issues myself!

2 replies

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@, welcome to our Community! We're glad to have you here :catexcited:
We appreciate the help, sounds like you'll fit right in here!!!
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Hi Dave, thanks for the details, sounds like you've got it working for you.
I live rural too after many years of big city life, don't miss the BigCit one bit. Have spent lots of time in Asheville, that's a lovely part of the country down there, "Carolinas on my mind." Great for photos, I worked on a mag, Outdoor Photographer, for many years. Met a lot of world-class nature shooters, wrote some books on them.  A truly spiritual calling, finding expression in the sublime beauty of nature.

I've been with Webroot for 2-3 years, my favorite AV yet.  I messed with Norton years ago and it so destroyed my file system I swore I'd never go back. Tried it again two years later, same nightmare, writeoff since then (15 years though, they must be doing something right).

Have tried them all in 34 years of webness, Webroot is the least hassle and always seems to be there to keep it all together.  I'm online everyday for several hours.