Different Carbonite & Webroot accounts?

I signed up for Carbonite years ago. Separately, I also signed up for WebRoot years ago. Both signups were years before the companies merged. Both accounts were set up for auto pay. I just updated my credit card for Carbonite. How do I update my credit card for WebRoot? I can only log into one account: Carbonite + Webroot. That account shows the Carbonite Subscription but not the Webroot subscription. Support says: “we’ll fix it in the back-end”. Is that true? Or did I just hang up from my support call with my issue not solved?

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Hello @jroymartinez 


Let me ping a few Webroot Staff as I would like to know as well! @dstokes1  @coscooper  @TylerM 



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@jroymartinez I believe this is the case as that is what I’m seeing as well when I go to login.


You should have a ticket assigned to you by your email and you can always reply back to get re-assurance about the billing question. Let me know if you need help with that


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Thanks Tyler!

Tyler - Where do I find the ticket#? I don’t see any kind of ticket in email. And I don’t see one in my account. 

Nor do I see a WebRoot subscription listed. Only Carbonite.



What is the plan here? This has not been “fixed in the backend.” Surely there must be a way to fix this.

I need to update the credit card on my Webroot account. I updated the credit card on Carbonite. But, I am unable to find my separate Webroot account. I keep ending up in my Carbonite accout...which does not show a Webroot subscription (nor any payments for Webroot). I tried adding my Webroot keycode to my Carbonite account. It says, “that keycode is already assigned to another account.” At a minimum I need to update the credit card for Webroot. Even better would be to merge the accounts.

Given that Carbonite and Webroot were separate companies before, others must have this problem (or have had this problem). Pls help. And...pls give me a ticket number. The first customer support person did not give me a ticket number. And...now I can’t seem to reach a live human being through Carbonite/Webroot support. I can only reach a web page that says “no results” but doesn’t connect me to a customer care agent as promised.


OK. I found the answer. I called on the phone and spoke with a CSR. He was able to update my credit card but only by renewing my Webroot subscription. It is not possible to update the credit card otherwise. LAME!

I learned: 2+ years after Carbonite acquired Webroot, users still cannot combine accounts without sacrificing protection. So...I will continue to need to have two separate accounts. One account is for Carbonite. The 2nd account is for Webroot. I had to use two separate email addresses for the two accounts. By the way...both accounts look the same; both say “Carbonite + Webroot” at the top of the account screen. Again...LAME!

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Sorry for the confusion when I was referencing support ticket it was through Webroot which is here.

Webroot Support:

Submit a ticket


Sorry for the inconvenience on updating credit card details - I did confirm this with support that is the case currently. Once we consolidate payments systems that might change

Tyler...the payment system is the same. I just cannot subscribe to my Carbonite product and my Webroot product through the same account. I need two accounts. I would have to downgrade my Webroot subscription to combine the accounts.