does webroot anywhere really block viruses before they infect my computer?

  • 24 February 2015
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I just receved webroot as my anti malware protector. Does it really stop a trojan or even worse from invading my computr? 
A second concern. If I download from utube will it protect the computer from attached malware?

2 replies

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Yes you are safe! Have a peek at this....................................
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I've used Webroot Anywhere for a year and a half and started wondering if it was really working because I never got a notification.  Then last week I was using links that had always been "safe" before and got hit three times in two days with an instant notification about "suspicious activity".  It had stopped access to the links and asked if I wanted to continue, which I didn't.  I assumed someone was phishing, so called the senders to let them know.  Does Webroot work?  Yes!  I ran a scan and it came up clean.