Don't have a question but rather a compliment

  • 18 March 2015
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I enjoy WEBROOT because I can see that it's working and will renew for another 2 years of protection.

2 replies

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Hello there Cronos,
Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum,
It's great to have you here and you will also enjoy this friendly and fun and knowledgable group of forum members.
Can I give you some added information about Webroot?
If I may start with the WIN Cloud as all the work is done on there and not your PC also WSA only uses 3 to 6MB of RAM and up to 6 MB's on the Hard Drive for the Client and this is the future and it's here now, how can the other conventional AV's keep up with almost 500,000 new Malware everyday and over 142 million Malware in 2014 alone.


And it's great at protecting your online Credentials so Shopping and Banking online is no worry! :)

Also Please enjoy our PC User Guide won't you?
Kind Regards, And Thank you!
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Thanks for the kind words Cronos, and we're happy you are getting the most out of Webroot!