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  • 13 February 2021
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Can someone please help me, l am trying to download and install the new internet mobil security l just bought. It is fighting me . First l can’t submit a ticket for help because both my i phone 11 and  Samssung Tablet A7 won’t let me . I can’t get to the Webroot .com page to even get to find help. On my computer and phone i can get into Webroot but when l get to the submit a ticket page they take my email ,then it says it needs cookies enabled, l do that and it justs keeps repeating on both i phone and laptop. Is there a phone number l can call to figure out what is happening ? Also the Geek Squad  is on the page do you have to buy Webroot through Best Buy? I bought mine through the Webroot site. I am older and completely computer dumb with no kids to ask for help.

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2 replies

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Best Buy sells Webroot, but it can also be purchased from Webroot. I'm 67 years old no family or friends. I too I'm computer dumb. So I know where you are coming from. I bought from best buy and had it installed on on the computer I got from Best Buy many years ago. A desktop model. The difference between Best Buy & Webroot is you can have a tech at your command 24 7 365 a year. They will take control of your laptop, or desktop etc and do a tune-up or fix any problems your having, as long as there Webroot is active. I then bought Webroot from them for my Android phone. So I have best buy and Webroot both. 1 for desktop, and the other for the phone. Just wait and they will reply to you. If they don't send other e-mail and ask for a ticket for their tech support. 

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@houseandanimals ,

If you want to purchase a Webroot product, Please contact our Consumer Sales Team at your earliest convenience. Call us at: 1-866-612-4227 M-F 7am−6pm MT. Or send us an email: