Elara removal?

  • 26 November 2015
  • 3 replies

Information about "how to" Elara removal?

3 replies

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? , ? do we have specific instructions for this?
? what operating system are you running because based on that the instructions may differ.
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Hello dward,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
My best advice with this is  Opening a Support Ticket, I have found little information concerning this "Elara".but what I have found is that this is not easy to remove,
Maybe Baldrick has more information?
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Hi Sherry
Whilst there are some instruction available looking at the scope of the Registry entires involved I would agree with you that the best approach is to opena support ticket and so get the professionals to take a look/undertake the removal...that would be the safest thing to do in the circumstances, in my humble opinion.
Regards, Baldrick