Error Message on Startup

  • 13 March 2014
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Hello All - am new to the forum.  Have purchased a new laptop and get the following message on startups/restarts.
C:WindowsSystem32LogiLDA.dl missing entry: L.gifet.29 - Do not know how to resolve this.  Any ideas/coaching on a fix will be greatly appreciated.

6 replies

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Hello RKCow and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Doesn't look like a WSA issue to me see here:
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Hi RKCow and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
Run Task manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del
Go to Startup tab
Find LogiLDA, right click on it and click Disable
Thank you
Best regard, Petr.
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Hi RKCow
Welcome to the Community Fora...:):):):)
What you seem to have an issue with your OS/peripheral, i.e., Win8.1/Logitech I suspect, from the message and I believe that it is quite a common one.
As this is a Webroot forum, and we are not really meant to post here re. other products etc., if you would PM (Private Message on little 'envelope' to the left of your user name up in the top righthand corner of the page) and I will try and point you at soome solutions I have found...which may assist you in resolving your issue (Do note that some of the complete solutions may involve editing the hopefully you are happy in doing that?).
I await your email
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HI RKCow, Welcome to the Webroot comunnity Forum. You are in good hands here..;)
I haven't opened my computer for several months and after going through all of the updates I get the following message:
Failed to find required file.
Please help as I cannot open some pages in the internet.
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Hi Scottish-Kilt
Welcome to the Community Forum...
This has been seen before and therefore I will simply point you in the direction of this post that is marked as the Solution for a previous occurrence of your issue.
Please post back and let us know if that advice has helped/resolved your issue.