• 10 April 2013
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Should I have two firewalls running at the same time, one from Windows and one from Webroot ???  Thanks  Zigs

Best answer by RetiredTripleHelix 10 April 2013, 18:26

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Hi zigpig,
I may be mistaken, but I believe that the WSA Firewall works with or through the Windows one, so yes, you should have both running at same time.
If I am wrong I hope one of the more knowledgeable members here will correct me!
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That is correct! Leave the Windows firewall enabled to ensure maximum protection.
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Thank you Rakanisheu for the confirmation!  I am still learning myself 😃
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Just to add the online help file says to keep Windows firewall on with WSA's firewall. "With both the SecureAnywhere and Windows firewall turned on, your data has complete inbound and outbound protection."
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Hello zigpig,
TripleHelix is correct and I am a proof that it works fine as I use only WSA (which control outbound communication) with Vista firewall (which control inbound communication). No other security solutions installed. If you want to have the full outbound control, please set "Warn if any process connects to the internet unless explicitly allowed" under Firewall setting.