Folks, I manage a three computer work network in my home office.

  • 16 August 2015
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I am curious if there is a surefire way to know if someone can be looking into anything what I do enternally. I think I understand how the social networks work and how the world can see those communiques but, how about peeking into my office. I have a WAP network with password but wondered if someone breached that defense would I be exposed to someone looking at my files. Each computor has its own password so I am mostly concerned with shared files.
My first comuputer was a Victor 9000 dual density/dual floopy business computor which I still have and it works:) so hope I can be of help along the way. Bodo

2 replies

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Welcome aboard! As long as you're using the most secure Wifi security setting (WPA 2) and a strong password for both the router and the network, then you should be safe from anyone trying to break in from outside.
Thank You