• 15 December 2013
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Hi.  I'm new to Webroot Forums but I hope someone can help.  I have been accessing Watch Live on FoxNews for a long time on this PC.  Recently, when I go to the site, a new tab automatically opens with an advertisement and warning that FoxNews site may be unsafe.  I trust the site, so I allowed it.  However, now, I get to the Watch Live site and it gives me the sign in button, but when I click the sign in, nothing happens.  I have two laptops in the house so I know it is not an internet or site problem.  It is only on this PC.  I ran a Webroot scan and it comes back clean.  Any ideas as to what I can to do fix this?

1 reply

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Hello Kathy (kjabell) and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.

It's possible that you are still on the 2013 Web Shield and they are rolling out the new 2014 Web Shield slowly as it's all new tech based on BrightCloud and more but in the mean time please Contact Support to get the site Corrected for you. Also you can check your link with BrightCloud as I couldn't find a bad link with a search.
Daniel 😉