Guard Cats of Webroot - May

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Since we've branched out from dogs to cows, we figured we should include other pets as well.  This month we have two cute cats guarding the roost!  Here's what their owner had to tell us about them:
I adopted my two cats, Holmes and Watson Moriarty, when they were 8 weeks + 1 day old, in 2009.

These brothers truly take after their namesakes. Holmes is the “adventure cat” who has never known a moment of true fear in his whole cushy life, and is on a first name basis with the world. Unfortunately, his daily bravado means that he has zero coping mechanisms when the F-22s fly overhead during Broomfield’s annual airshow, or when he hears firecrackers on the 4th of July!

Watson lives in a state of perpetual caution, on the other hand, afraid of everything until his brother tells him it’s safe. Watson is indefatigable in the face of real danger because that’s just part of a day ending in Y to this little snuggler!


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