• 10 October 2013
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Hello to everyone:D
I could say that I'm a new member here, but Webroot's products are already known to me for some time.
I have been following with great attention the development of future versions of the WSA, keeping fingers crossed for the Team that's working on It.:D Great job guys!! :D

I am a satisfied user of WebrootSecureAnywhere Antivirus, working on my computers with Windows XP, Widnows Vista and Win7 (soon also Windows 8, cause I am going to buy a new notebook).
With great joy I join the Comunity, wishing all the best for Webroot's Team and for all users:D

4 replies

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Hello Miquell and Welcome Back to the Webroot Community.
Were glad you're enjoying WSA and the 2014 products have so many improvements for the user base and if you haven't seen this thread with more Info and a Video I recommend that you do so: https://community.webroot.com/t5/Community-Announcements/The-Next-Generation-of-Webroot-SecureAnywhere-is-Here/m-p/57799#.UlbG1xBcUhw
Daniel 😉
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Thanks for the positive feedback Miquell! 🙂
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Hello TripleHelix, of course I've seen thread that You've mentioned ;)
Hello JimM, You're welcome:D I've been using the new version since a few days and so far, in my opinion, WSA really deserves the highest rating, especially in it's functional aspects.;)
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Hi Miquell and welcome to the site.