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Hi, I'm beagle1957, former internet tech support specialist for a couple of cable/internet providers in my local area.  Just installed WSA Complete yesterday and had to use tech support & the community forum to fix an access problem with Password Manager - VERY impressed with both!
Looking forward to contributing to the forums!

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Welcome aboard and glad you were able to get your issue fixed!
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I am glad to hear that it got fixed!
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Hi beagle1957
Welcome to the Community Forums...http://www.forumsextreme.com/images2/sSig_hi.gifhttp://www.forumsextreme.com/images2/sSig_hi.gifhttp://www.forumsextreme.com/images2/sSig_hi.gif
Thanks for sharing.  It is always pleasing to hear when users are happy and satisfied.
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If you don't mind me asking, what was the solution to the problem?  I am always happy to learn more so I can do a better job of helping out 🙂
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Hi beagle1957!
Welcome to the Community! :D
I'm glad that issues you have mentioned were fixed.
I hope you will be a fully satisfied WSAC user :D
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Hi beagle1957 and welcome! Great to have you in the community!!
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Hello beagle1957. Welcome to the Community. Great to have you here.:)
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DavidP1970, thanks for your assistance in the forum the other day!
I had an old expired keycode on my Webroot account from 2 years ago when I trialed Webroot on my smartphone that was preventing Password Manager from working. I had to call Support; the tech had to migrate everything over to my new SecureAnywhere keycode on the backend..
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Yup.. that would do it!  The Password Manager is of course tied to specific profiles, and as you can see each profile is set to a specific key code.  I am glad Support got things straightened out for you!
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Hello beagle1957 :D
Nice to meet you in the community.
Hope you will feel comfortable here and free to ask for assistance if you need a solution.