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  • 16 April 2014
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Just wanted to say hello to everyone, I bought Internet Security over the weekend after personal recommendations  from friends and great reviews online I have read. So far i love it and am very pleased to have switched from Comcast's free Norton application suite.
glad to be here! :D

5 replies

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Hello Bill and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

That's great to hear as us users and members feel the same way about WSA! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the appropriate Forum.
Daniel 😉
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Hi Bill,
Welcome to the Community!!

That's great to hear that you like Internet Security edition and you are a satisfied user :D
Hope you stay with us for longer :D
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:DWelcome I'm littlevoice  and I think you will be happy here and feel free to join in when anyone has issue or just to say hello to other community members. You gain rewards for your efforts  (kodos)people who like what you post. it's great here, I love it, I just have gotten my sticker for being Frequnt Voice, submitting post that help solve issues. It gives that warm feeling inside you know what what I mean.
Thank you for your time I hope you have a great time and have a great day.
little voice
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Hello Bill. Welcome to the Community where everyday is a new learning experience.:) Hope you will enjoy here as much as we do and share your experience with us.
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😃 Hello BillR I missed your posting yesterday.
Great to have you join the WEBROOT Forum. Hope to see you back....