Hello all

  • 3 January 2014
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Andy here,  Just introducing myself.  New to Webroot and hoping I can learn from some of the pro's here in the discussion forums

4 replies

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Hi Drew! Good to have you on here! 🙂
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Hello DrewP95 and welcome to the Webroot Community!
I came here in late 2012 to learn a few things, and I ended up learning a lot!  Good to have you with us, let us know anytime we can be of help 🙂
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smileywink:Hi Drew
May I add my welcome to that of Cat & David? smileyvery-happy:
If you are looking to learn then you have certainly come to the tight place. We learn lots from each other everyday...and have fun...that is what is so good about this Community.
Look forward to seeing you around. smileyvery-happy:
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Hello Andy and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Happy to have you aboard!