Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  • 5 January 2016
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Hi All, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 
I'm new here, and am beta testing webroot, after getting some suggstions I may need/like webroot.  I've been using Hitman Pro Alert for some time now, and love it. But, I enjoy my curiosity and learning about tech, net security/safety - so here we go!
Thanks to many of you for your help and warm welcome! I look forward to this community and learning about Webroot!
I'm using a tiny HP laptop. Win 7 x64 Intel i3-330 4GB, SP1 |
BETA testing Webroot |
Process Lasso | Chrome, FF- x64 | uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, Lastpass, Evernote | Crashplan, external & cloud storage/backup |
On demand Scanners: Malwarebytes, ESET, HitmanPro, CCleaner

Have been a long time user of HitmanPro-Alert exclusively, & I love it, no problems or infections. HMP/A (HitmanPro Alert) is light on my resources. Recently, it's been suggested I need additional protection. I learned Webroot may be a good option. And, I'm curious about net safety/security, & love to learn about tech! This mom loves her some tech!

4 replies

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? wohoo a tech mom that won't hit me with the frying pan when i go all geeky. Be welcome here. I'm sure you will find Secure Anywhere to be all you need to protect your machine properly and it's very not resource demanding on your machine.
Your laptop is way over qualified to run WRSA :D
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Hi hima,
Happy New Year to you! It's nice to have you here in the forum with us! We are a fun group!
? I have a iron cast skillet for you if you get too techy! 😉
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Noo don't go ask Nic for my details and send that to my wife. Her 34" heavy metal wok 's already lethal enough..
I'll be a good boy and use my geek cave if necessary :D
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Hi hima
Welcome to the Community Forums.
May I just point out that HMP.A is a very different product to WSA/it fulfills or majors in a very different area to WSA and therefore is designed as a complement to a main AV/IS or anti malware app rather than being subsitute.
I would say that whilst you can run a system with just WSA on it I would not like to run a system with just HMP.A as protection.
Just my thoughts.
Regards, Baldrick