Hello, and question about removing AVG & Advanced System Care

  • 1 March 2014
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I am a new user of Webroot, after having problems with malware for several months.  I have a Dell PC with Windows 7, and have been using AVG 2014 Free and Iobit Malware, which I recently read in PC Magazine rated poorly on malware removal.  That has been my experience -- and I also paid $99 for remote help that removed the problem for a short time -- with very little good information provided about what the problem was.
I will check support, but my main question now is whether I should remove AVG 2014 Free now that Webroot is installed.
I also have Advanced System Care, from the same company that makes Iobit Malware.  Will that conflict with Webroot?
I like having this community and chance to introduce myself and ask questions.

3 replies

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Hello Deedsweb and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Yes there is no need to have AVG Free as Webroot SecureAnywhere will protect you from many things here is some info http://www.brightcloud.com/services/web-classification.php and this Video if WSA misses a Virus: https://community.webroot.com/t5/Webroot-Education/What-Happens-if-Webroot-quot-Misses-quot-a-Virus/ta-p/10202#.UxI79oVnCSo and Iobit I personally would not use anything from them I have my reasons if you would like to know more send me a Personal Message! Also when you have an hour I suggest you watch this Video.
Why Traditional AV Solutions Are Failing -- Webroot Webinar by Grayson Milbourne Director, Security Intelligence Webroot.

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Hi Deedsweb 
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
I just wanted to add that I very much concur with Daniel with regard to the use of IObit-sourced applications, for a number of reasons, some of which I am sure that (if I compared notes with him) would be the same as Daniel's, and some not. Basically, I too will not use them.
However, in terms of whether having Advanced System Care (ASC) and WSA on the same system at the same time will cause a conflict, the answer, strictly speaking is...No.  Actively using the two on the same system may be a different matter.  I am fairly certain that WSA will have no adverse effect on ASC, but cannot vouch for the reverse.
Of course, the above is entirely my own views and they in no way represent Webroot's view/position (I am not a Webroot employee but rather a volunteer in this Forum). ;)
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I took time to view the video in TH post above.  Incredible.  Have a much better understanding of WSA and other AV solutions as well.  WSA is truely "cutting edge" technology and  (my not very tech savvy opinion) probably our best defense against attacks.  WSA seems to do all the difficult stuff for us home users...and everyone for that matter....I trust it so much more than I already did after the video...