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  • 23 April 2014
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I usually don't join "communities" but I would really like to learn more about internet security and how to better use Webroot. I bought my subscription a couple of months ago and I really like everythng about it so far. Like many, I've used Norton and McAffee in the past. Webroot seems more streamlined and thorough to me. I haven't fully explored the community topics yet. Has anyone mentioned the need for compatibility with Windows 8 phones? I'd really like to use Webroot on my Nokia 1520. I use to be an Apple guy, and I've happily reverted back to Microsoft. Droping my iPhone was the last step. Feel free to contact me. I look forward to learning from all of you here.

2 replies

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Hi StarUSA
Welcome to the Community Forums...http://www.forumsextreme.com/images2/sSig_welcometoourclan.gifhttp://www.forumsextreme.com/images2/sSig_welcometoourclan.gifhttp://www.forumsextreme.com/images2/sSig_welcometoourclan.gifhttp://www.forumsextreme.com/images2/sSig_welcometoourclan.gif
I think that you have certainly come to the right place.
With regard to WSA on your 1520 I think that you are out of luck as WSA does not have a version for Windows Phone and there are no plans to have one at the moment as due to the way that Windows Phone OS is designed (kernel is locked down)  there is no risk of malware.
But hang about anyway and enjoy, learn, contribute and have fun.
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😃 WELCOME TO THE WEBROOT FORUM COMMUNITY StarUSA, Very happy to have you here and make sure you browse around to the TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE BASE posted at the top of the Webpage for alot of information is available. and anything else that looks informative to you. This is the best Community I've ever been associated with!
Have a great day and keep us posted. I'm pretty positive that Webroot will work on any device but @  and @ , and @ are the top guys around here just to name a few. They caxn answer most of your questions. So Post away!!
Opps Sorry just saw @ post so that I didn't know..:S
Glad to meet you:D