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  • 3 April 2013
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My kindle fire used to have a little cog or gear beside my name after resetting the kindle there is now a number one where the cog was,how do I get it back and what does the number one mean?

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Hello Danchalf14,

The question regarding the number is that it is a notification. So an example of this is that you have either downloaded something new and it is letting you know it is done. If you push on it and drag downwards it should bring up the notification center and let you know what that particular notification is about.
I would presume that after that notification is cleared that the gear cog should show back up.
Let us know if this helps!

John A.
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I drug it down and it showed it had successfully scaned and found no problems. But I saw no way to clear it. if I clicked on it ,it asks me if I want to scan do I am doing that again to see if the one goes away. It has finished scanning and again found nothing. There is nothing in Quarantine , no threats, everything is turned on. There is still now way to clear it. How do I clear it?
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This user guide may help you:
Specifically though:


Notifications appear beneath Quick Settings, and display information like download progress, app alerts and system alerts.
  1. Tap notifications for details.
  2. Tap Clear All to remove notifications.
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