Hi from Central Europe

  • 4 November 2015
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Hi all 
blame Nic for allowing me into this nice community :D  . I'm age 44, from Belgium & have 2 kids.
Have only been using Secure Anywhere for a week now and i'm suprised how fast my machine can go when using this.
Got tons of RAM & CPU left now i turned over to the good software.
Guess Webroot hear my cry for help as i'm low on resources ( RAM & CPU and the laptop i use 's older then my kids ).
Secure Anywhere gave my laptop a second life and a much better one

3 replies

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Hello again ?,

Nice to know you are pleased with Webroot. Also it's great to have you here. You are just a young pup with 2 kids ,,so enjoy them while you can!
Webroot is the best out there and if you need anything you have come to the right place!!:D
I would like to show you the PC User Guide if you want to have a look. Lots of good information.
Please enjoy and look around. We are quite friendly and fun to be around and as we all say.. "We learn everyday here"
Have a nice evening!
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Hi edwin_eekelaers
'Welcom' to the Community Forums.
You are joining a growing club of those who have come to realise that one can have first rate/top notch protection without the bloat & heaviness that many other security apps peddle (though funnily enough a lot are getting onto the bandwagon and trying to peddle so called 'cloud scanning' solution that are IMHO a half baked copy of what Webroot has been doing for years, and Prevx before them).
So sit back, enjoy lightweight security and perhaps frequent the Community a little (or a lot if so minded) from time to time. ;)
And for some additional but lightweight reading please see our 'Getting Started Guide'.
Regards, Baldrick
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Welcome aboard! Nice to see more Spiceworks/Webroot crossover 🙂