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  • 15 March 2013
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Hi Everyone. I'm new to Webroot anti-virus.  I'm still trying to find out how to set it up to delete attachments & viruses from my email.  I'm sure I'll find it somewhere, otherwise I can't use webroot.  Still searching. . . .LOL  The good news is that it's Friday!!  I'll go post in the forum for some help.  Have a good weekend everyone! :D

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Welcome to the forum lizgun45
Email filtering is not built into SecureAnywhere, however, it will pick-up any malicious activity sourced from your email and if it tries to execute it will be stopped by our Execution Shield.
Stick around and research the Community, I think Webroot can fit your needs. 😃
Thanks for the quick answer Mike. But, I get a large amount of email into my Outlook mail application and I'm less concerned with spam than I am viruses. My current anti-viruses strips all viruses from my emails before I open them. That is my primary concern & the biggest threat to me.  I'll have to renew my other product.  Got the wrong info from computer store salesman.  Thank you again so much!  
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Hello lizgun45, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃
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Hello lizgun45 and welcome to the Webroot Community!
Hope Mike's explanation is enough to convince you that WSA is the great security solution that is worth to be installed on your computer. As you may noticed WSA is quite different to other conventional solutions. WSA keeps files intact until they are executed because stored files are in fact harmless. So WSA stands up when you execute a file and if that file is infected or a source of malware, WSA strikes. However I may understand that if you were used to conventional approach, i.e. scanning files on the fly, WSA might seems to you weak but that's definitely not true. WSA is so smart solution which doesn't disturb your PC unnecessarily but in the same time keeps your PC fully secured.

Anyway, it's your choice ...