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  • 1 June 2013
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Hi. My name is Marc, from Scottsdale, Arizona. I have just started using Webroot Secure Anywhere. I usually do not take the time to write product reviews good or bad, but I am so impressed by the product that I wanted to leave a 5-star review somewhere. I purchased it direct from the company website, as opposed to Amazon or other retailer where they have a system for user reviews. Is there such a place here, or should I post back to this forum with my review and some technical observations?

6 replies

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Hello Marc, and welcome to the community. My name is Marc and I'm from Georgia. I'm still pretty new to the community myself, but there are lots of people here that deffinetly have the answers to any questions you have. You can alway leave a comment here in the community about WSA as we all have at on time or another. Again welcome and kick you shoes off and stay awhile. Never a bad time here. Marc
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Hello Marc and welcome to the Community. Glad to have you here. Stick around and you'll learn a great deal. 🙂
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Hello Marc and welcome to the Community!
I am David, and I am in southern Kentucky.  I am still learning every day.. and this is a great place to do that!  If you have any problems or questions, let us know!  
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Hello Marc, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum and the Webroot Family. 😃
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Hello Marc and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
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Welcome to the community!
You can write a review here.  Thanks for the kind words!  🙂