how can i get the ! mark off my account?

  • 19 July 2015
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does anyone know how to get rid of the ! mark on my account, I have purchased the full subscription and cant see anything else that I need to complete, any advice would be appreciated.

1 reply

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Hi hodgy59
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Exactly where is this '!' appearing?  I have not come across this before and therefore some further information would help.
In terms of you subscription payment may I ask which version you have?  I am assuming that it is the Webroot version (some of our US member have a Best Buy version which is handled differently in terms of subscriptions/renewa.s, etc.)?
If it is the Webroot version and you have paid over the internet by debit/credit card, and that was some time ago, then please checkwith your car provider that the payment has indeed be taken.  Also, if you purchased from Webroot over the internet you should have received an email with your keycode & other credentials once the subscription has been completed.
Once that has happened then you will enter the keycode when installing WSA or if a trail was in play before you bought then you can enter the new keycode and activitie it from the original install.
Finally, if you purchase of the renewal was recent then it may just be a case that the back office systems are lagging behind and what yo could try is to run a Scan. We have found that sometimes this give the process a 'bump' and that following this the subscription details come through.
Hope that something in this rambling reply is of assistance?  If not then plesae provide a little more information re. the issue and we will look to try to assist further.
Regards, Baldrick