How do I retrieve files from Back up sync?

  • 9 September 2013
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I hate looking stupid but I usually have little say over the matter. I've wiped my hard drive clean but in a moment of rare mental clarity I backed everything up into 'Back up and Sync.' 
How do I retrieve these irreplaceable gems of wit and wisdom???
It's clear that I can click and drag but that seems to remove said file from back up and sync and then it only lives on my hard drive?
Even I understand it would be better to have it in both places.                      
                                                                          Thanks much
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2 replies

Hah!!! No worries mates. No need to find politely derisive things to say about any suspected lack of intellectual acuity on my part, I figgered it out. 
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Thank you for updating the thread and I apologize for the confusion with Backup & Sync. Please let us know if you have any other questions. :D
I will explain how similar issues can be resolved just in case other viewers run into a similar situation.
If you were to buy a new hard drive, you could reinstall Webroot SecureAnywhere onto the new drive, download the Backup & Sync functionality by entering your credentials followed by reinitializing the sync with your online account.