• 29 August 2012
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Oldman here, I finally figured out how to reach this point, not bad for an "Goldman". All this technology can be hard on us older folk. Ahh, to be young... I'm so glad you youngsters are here to assist people like me. Thanks and I hope to talk to you out in the community... "Oldman"

3 replies

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Howdy Oldman, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
I learn something new everyday on this forum. Great people helping out here.
I feel like a youngster (yea right, LOL) and I'm in the over 60's Club! 😃
Thanks PTD. I see I already have my first typo, I wish I was a "Goldman" instead of an oldman. I do appreciate your welcome! See ya on the board. "Oldman"
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Welcome Oldman to the Webroot Community Forums! ;)