• 20 December 2015
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Thank you for the notification. I located the download files and used WEB Root to permanently remove each. Hopefully, that is the end of those and with no remnant activity.
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Hi ken_w1
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Always glad when what we post helps numerous Community members to resolve an issues. That is what we do and are about.
Regards, Baldrick
Hi there I am the guy that had the problem with my Yahoo mail I just wanted to Thank You again for taking the time to help me with that, I did not have to download any removal tool from the file you sent me but after reading up on some articles that the guy had posted which he said should be looked into first I was able clear up my Yahoo mail box problem by deleting a file from WinZip Computing and another one which I can't remmember right now I, also came to the conclusion that my Laptop was not infected in anyway. Thanks again, Simon 
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Hi Simon
You are most welcome. Glad to hear that we are able to assist in resolvingt he issue for you. :D
And thank yo for taking the trouble and the time to come back her eto advise of this. This sort of feedback is very important to us as it helsp us hone the responses we provide to other users who may have a similar problem.
Regards, Baldrick