I have Windows 10 and when I go to IE or Google Chrome I get my Webroot report why how to fix?

  • 29 August 2015
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this is my first time using the Webroot Community. I have used Webroot as my Antivirus for about 6 months now and now I wish I wouldn't have saved the report. I live in S.W. Missouri and am in construction. Floors and Tile, Bath remodels etc.

1 reply

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Hi indio51
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I am afraid that I do not quite understand what the issue is. Are you saying that every time you open Chrome or IE you are sent to a Webroot-related page/web site?
If so then it sounds as if you have inadvertently set your browser's homepage to the Webroot site. Please let me know if I have understood correctly and if so then we should be able to advise as to how to sort it out.
Regards, Baldrick