I immediately installed Webroot on my new PC. THEN, I removed Mcafee. Wrong order? Problem?

  • 23 January 2016
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I immediately installed Webroot on my new PC.  AFTER that, I removed Mcafee.  Wrong order?  Seems OK, but might this cause a problem since it seems I should have removed Mcafee first? 

2 replies

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Hi ?
Welcome to the Community. Did Webroot run an initial scan after you installed? If not, I would reboot then check to make sure that Norton is indeed gone. After click on Webroot and run another scan and see if any warnings pop up. You should be ok though.
Thanks for writing and please write back if you need further information.
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Hi headincloud
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That is not necessarily the case. A number of user of WSA haveinstalled it whilst McAfee was still installed on their systems (usually came with the system...unfortunately) and how run both together before deciding to uninstall McAfee, so uninstalling it after installing WSA is not necessarily the cause of issues.
I would suspect that the issue is due to McAfee not uninstalling properly or completely so what I would do is to head over to this site that provides instruction on how to completely uninstall the application and also provide one with access to the McAfee Removal Tool to download and use. You can use it after trying to remove McAfee normally and in those circumstances it should effectively clean up you system and remove any remaining trace of the product.
Hope that helps? If not then please post back for further assistance.
Regards, Baldrick