I need help with my WebRoot Security Anywhere.

  • 14 October 2015
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Can anyone help me with this problem? I need help with my webroot securtiy anywhere. I ran the System analyzer and my score was 68/100. I used the optiumizer  I still got a 68/100.  What can I do to fix my problems.

4 replies

Hello Zeke41
Welcome to the Webroot Community.
Many older computers don't get a perfect score using the System Analyzer. On my older laptop I get a score of 77.
You definitely want all green checks under the "Threats" category.
But as to the other categories the best way to improve your score is to upgrade your hardware.
If it shows a problem with software maybe considering using different software. (Mine shows a memory leak in FF)
Upgrading the processor or adding more RAM would get you a higher score.
The System Analyzer is similar to, the now defunct, Windows experience score.
These are suggestions for you to help optimize your PC.
Hope this info helps. Please get back to us if you need further assistance.
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To add to what BurnDaddy has said, in some cases while you may need to upgrade hardware in order to make a 'perfect 100', really very few computers do score 'perfect'.
The Analyzer is only a rough benchmark utility.  It knows that in order to run the very newest biggest OS with the very newest biggest most memory and graphic intense programs what hardware is required, and so it scores your computer against that.  
If your computer is constantly running slow and dragging, you might want to consider following the hardware suggestions.  If you are NOT running programs that are really too much for the computer, for instance you use it mainly just for web browsing, chances are that there is no need to even attempt an upgrade, especially if you never note the computer running particularly slow, or the CPU being driven at a very high rate at all times.  
I hope this helps,
Great point, David.
Upgrading your hardware is just a suggestion for optimizing your PC if it's needed. 
Running Webroot with older hardware will NOT affect the level of security/protection you receive from Webroot.
Webroot has you covered whether you're running an I7 with 32gb RAM or a Pentium 4 with 128Mb (Minimum) RAM.
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Woo-hoo. I always get 100. First time I felt like I did accomplish something on this forum.:womanlol: