Immediately after changing password the password fails

  • 12 February 2019
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After not being able to log in "Forgot Password" was clicked. Email received. Password generated in KeePass. Password was copied from KeePass and entered on the website. It was accepted and I was logged in.

I went back to the community page where I was trying to respond and clicked "Log In". Username or password is incorrect. Changed password, again, it was accepted. Same results.

Any suggestions?

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2 replies

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So far, no response from support either. Since the Support assigned password is only 8 characters long an 8 character password was tried for the Community website.

Same results.

The "Forgot Password" will just be used from now on, solving the issue completely.
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Well, support responded stating the following.

  • you could accomplish what you are requesting with the Webroot Password Manger, included in Internet Security Plus licenses and above.
It doesn't seem reasonable that using WPM prevents the Webroot Forum website from requiring a new password with every log in. Still, that is what was stated.