Introduction / Greetings From CyberChosT

  • 29 January 2015
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My real name is Lawrence, here i go by _CyberGhosT_
I'm new here, and would like to drop a line saying "Greetings"
I currently run Webroot_SA on my PC: Win7 x64 (Updating to Win10 x64 asap)
and on My LGOG Pro: Running Custom Beanstalk Rom
R.Melick and his dedication to customers is why I'm here.
I love Webroot and the protection it offers, and that it is compatable with Malwarebytes.
I am a father of 3 lovely angels ages 11, 9, and 7
My wife and I have been a team for the past 14 yrs.
I am an old school Gamer
I'm an avid Windows tinkerer and modder and love modding Android OS's as well.
Most of my profiles online look like this:
Full Time: Loving Father
Full TIme: Loving Husband
Part Time: Gaming Freak
I hope to have a lasting and productive stay here at webroot, and am honored to be a part of the Webroot community. PeAcE :)


5 replies

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Welcome Lawrence to the Webroot Community!
Glad your are coming around we have a Great Community here. Also if you want to know more about myself have a look here:
Daniel :D
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Welcome CyberGhost.....great introduction and we are happy you have joined us. This is the best forum on the web today with friendly and helpful members eager to assist and work with youl.
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Nice to meet you Lawrence!
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Welcome Lawrence and thank you for the amazingly kind words.
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Hello and WELCOME Lawrence!
We are pleased to have you here with us.
Thank you for your background history! You are truly blessed to have such a nice family!
Salute" 😃