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  • 6 October 2020
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Hello All,

Not long ago I suddenly started receiving over 1,000 email every day. All from people/companies I never heard of, and from all over the world. There were too many to delete; I couldn’t handle it so I was forced to delete my Comcast email account and create a new one. I had a lot of fallout from this because my email adr was interwoven into many other aspects of my PC life.

Since then I am back to normal but wonder if anyone else has ever experienced this and, if so, did you learn why it happened and who did this to you? Is there anything that Webroot could have done to prevent it?

Thank you!


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Hello @bioya1WEB Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum.

I believe the place to start is here:

I know my very old AOL account has been breached. There was very old information on it anyway because I stopped using it many many years ago. All my AOL Accounts have been deleted and I updated my information on my new email addresses.

Pro - thank you for the info. Yes your website showed my old adr to be pwned 13 times. All of them (I guess) due to other websites being hacked. Because of the large # emails I received in so little time tells me that a series of programs (objects) were used to carry out this operation. No idea who did this except people who have too much time on their hands.

If I used a pwd manager would not the hacker be able to snag the new pw anyway? 2 factor works but it’s a pain to use.