Mongol has arrived

  • 28 February 2012
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Hello all, I'm a long time Wilders member and Prevx user who has rolled over to WSA Antivirus. I am from Houston Texas where the fire ants roam free, Glad to be part of this forum and let me say I am glad to see the Threat Blog is really rolling. Lots of great info in there...:D

7 replies

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Hello mongol, Welcome to the Webroot Forum. 😃
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Welcome Mongol, glad to have you here!
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Welcome Mongol to the Webroot Cummunity Forums!
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Welcome!  And glad you're finding the Webroot Threat Blog posts helpful! There's definitey no shortage of material for our blog team. Hackers never sleep! 
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Thanks...good to be here. This is a nicely laid out forum site
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Welcome! Great to have you on the forum!