my Nme is Angelika and I am also a newbie

  • 17 April 2014
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and not the GREAT I have to learn quite a bit...
any idea why some programs do NOT download properly and some do ??
As an example some of my last XP updates don't download...
or I could download REVO Uninstaller  and CCleaner..but NOT " Should I remove it"...tried everything what They said, shut down Webroot, Windows Firewall..but the Install procedure did not finish...
what is it I have to watch for ?? Thanks Angelika 

8 replies

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Hello Angelika, and welcome to the Community!
Are you only having difficulties with the Windows XP Updates, or is it for other softwares too?
Because you must beware of what are called PUAs ( Potentially Unwanted Applications), which can be included as installers, for example for other software.
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If it is just the XP Updates, could you look in the section in Control Panel, and see if you can tell us the KB numbers you're having an issue with.
Let us know if you need any explanation. Also, I would advise against shutting down your firewall or Antivirus to download anything.
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Hi Angelika,
Welcome to the Community!!
Hope you stay with us longer as a satisfied user :D
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Welcome to the Community Forums...
Well, on the MS updates not downloading this is a known 'feature' of MS happens with all versions (hve seen it under XP, Win7, Win8, etc.).  One thing that you could try without getting too technical is to reboot and then try downloading & installing the stubborn updated one by one...then for those that fail to install MS Update will give an error code that can be Googled which will give indications of possible remedies, etc.
Unfortunately, diagnosing these sorts of issues can take time but with patience I have been able to resolve almost all that have come up...patience and a lot of reading usually does the trick.  Often the answer is the running of a command line expression to reset some Update related settings, etc.  But the first approach  has to be identify the reason for the failure and then research what has happened to other users.
no, it is not only XP updates...some downloads will work, some not...
will study what you guys said... thanks for the nice welcome, Angelika
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OK, Angelika
Perhaps you could provide more information as to exactly what you seeobserve when a download of an app does not work?  Does the app just not 'appear' where yo are expecting it to?  Or is there a message or some other indication of an issue?
Also what browser are you using?  And have your tried the same app download with more than one browser?
Apologies for all the questions but hopefully we will get some further indication of the general area of the issue you are reporting.
Thanks in advance.
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Welcome aboard  Angelika!
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Welcome Angelika, hopefully we will be able to help you with your issues...a step at a time...

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Hello Angelika. Welcome to the Community.:)