my web browsing is slower since webroot has been installed.

  • 28 March 2016
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Slower internet browsing since instal of webroot.

1 reply

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Hi deerskinlake
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Would you be able to advise as to which operating system your device is using and which browser or browsers you are seeing the slow down with?
As it is not a clear cut thing that it is WSA causing the slow down one thing that you could try to check this out is to temporarily disable WSA and see if as a result the browsing speed increases. To do this right click on the WSA notificaiton tray icon & selct 'Shutdown protection' from the context menu displayed. Enter the requested CAPTCHA characters and then once WSA is disabled try quickly to browse some of the sites that you have slowdown on.
Note the rough results as best you can, then re-enable WSA by clicking on the Desktop icon and come back here to share your findings. Once we have your update we should eb able to advise further on the best course of action.
Regards, Baldrick