n00b greets!

  • 18 November 2017
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PC Tech nr Liverpool, NW UK
Advise small businesses / home users on software / hardware
Daily grind is PC, Network, web stuff
Just saying Hi!
My last fun little hack?

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Forgot to mention have Webroot console with 20 active installs for customers / clients 🙂 🙂
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Hi cpcnw
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Whilst always happy to welcome new members to the Home/Consumer side of the Community, I am just wondering if you may not be better served by hanging out in the Business/Endpoint Security side?
Just a thought and depends on what you have installed at your clients, etc. There is no bar as to what forums one partakes in...just thinking from the point of relevance.
Anyway, please see our Getting Started Guide, to orient yourself better here and find out a bit about what we are about.
Regards, Baldrick