• 30 November 2013
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hello everyone,
my name is audrey. i am a very new person to forums. actually this is my first time doing this..patience will be much appreciated.. i bought a new laptop (1st one) yesturday..i also purchsed webroot for it..always had webroot on desktop.. i had to download webroot for the laptop. ending up shelling out 300.00 for sunrise pc support. hopefully i dont have nothing to worry about..

6 replies

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Hello audrey70 and welcome to the Webroot Commuity.
I had not heard of "Sunrise PC Support" before, but $300.00 sounds like an awful high amount to spend on support for a new computer to say the least.  I did a quick Google search for "sunrise pc support" and the results are not very encouraging.  You may want to do that search yourself and decide if you may need to call your credit card bank or any other action.
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I forgot to add support from Webroot itself, as well as us volunteers on the community, if always free.  If you ever have problems with the software,come here first!
Thanks for the info..Sunrise pc said that it supports all kinds of software..Do you think it was a scam? I looked up thier website and everything..
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Hard to say, but my own opinion is scam. There are quite a number of "tech support" companies that say they support all sorts of software. Really ALL tech support agencies do: the difference is in the price and how they phrase it. This one seems to try to make the impression they are an "official" Webroot support path, and they are not.

A simple software install, while free from Webroot, could legitly cost $30 to $75, $300 is simply outrageous. ($300.00 is also the most common charge I see being used from the not-so-legit companies.)
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Id be ringing my credit card company and getting a charge back if it was me. 
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I will say they are "not an authorized support channel for Webroot" as they have there own here and the Support Inbox
as Sunrise PC Support they do take advantage of one's that do use there services so I would call your credit card company and try to get your money back please see this report about them
Sorry to hear they took advantage of you.