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Hi, folks!

I'm Patrick-new to this community. 


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Helllo PCJones, and welcome!
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Welcome. Glad to have you aboard!
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Hello Patrick and Welcome to the Community! ;)
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Hello Patrick, Welcome to the Community. 😃
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Welcome to the Community Patrick, and welcome to the Webroot team! What are you going to be doing at Webroot?
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I for one am really enjoying seeing more and more Webroot team members coming in and posting!
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Welcome Patrick...great to meet you!
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Hello Patrick, another Webroot employee aboard. That's great and welcome!
BTW, I have seen a lot of Webroot emloyees here, so can I ask Cat or Jim how many employees Webroot has and how many of them are the registered Community members? Just curious.
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Pegas, we currently have 323 employees globally. 263 (or about 80% of them) of them have signed up to the Community so far. Thanks for asking!
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Thanks Jim for the impressive figures. Probably the rest (20%) don't have a computer or an internet connection :D
Just kidding ;) 80% of the staff is respectable and definitelly more than I had expected (my conservative estimation was cca 40%). It shows how Webroot is serious about public voices. Well done!!!
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Hi Patrick and welcome aboard! Maybe you can teach Jim and Mike and co. a thing or two!