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  • 12 March 2014
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Hi!  I'm gonna need a lot of help here & appreciate so much that this forum exists. I am gonna look around & try to find the correct place to ask my questions....most of which I am sure will be so very basic and/or idiotic .... no, really they are, but I fully accept my limitations & am glad to learn something new.  (I just recently discovered bluetooth speakers and am still in awe!!) Anyway thank you all so very much for this forum & your willingness to help out!!:D

9 replies

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Hi notpcwise
Welcome to the Community Fora
You have certainly come to the right place re. what yo are looking for...nowhere better on the Web.
Please remember that there is no such thing as an idiotic question; if you need to ask it how can it be idiotic?
Good idea to have a look around and work out where you want to post but basically, in terms of Webroot SecureAnywhere, the fora are broken down by version of the start there...but do look around in the other fora as often the information, advice, solutions is across version...but sensibly is only posted once.  Don't forget to use the Search feature (top left of this page) to sniff out topics in other is a useful tool.
But most of all do enjoy yourself...just like we all do.
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Hello notpcwise and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums! 

Also welcome to the future this is how an AV should work 745kb install file and all the work done in the Cloud and 3 to 6MB of RAM usage!

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Hi notpcwise!! :D
Welcome to the most fabulous Community in the whole world!! :D
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Thank you!  I am already feeling welcome here!
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Great, notpcwise...that is just the way we like you to feel. :D
As you may have noted the Community is a very dynamic place...but also a great place to learn and one's own speed.
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😃 Hello notpcwise, Great to have you join the Webroot Community, you'll defineltly like the cyber connection here with our great forum of volunteers...
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Hi notpcwise and it's great to have you in the family!!!
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Hello notpcwise. Welcome to the Community where everyday is a new learning experience. No question is idiotic or silly. No worries. Everybody here will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.:)