Newbie password management protocol question

  • 16 April 2014
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Hi, folks,
I'm new here. I'm technically capable, but not knowledgeable about security.
Is it OK to save my Secure Anywhere login credentials in the WSA password manager? I set up two-factor authentication on my account, if that makes a difference.

2 replies

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Hi LauraB,
Welcome to the Community!

If you care about whether it is safe or not, in my opinion, yes it is :D

Please note that "Password Manager encrycpts all your personal data on your local machine. The encrypted data is meaningless to anyone else without the decryption key. This key is created using your email adress and master password and it's stored on your local computer".
You can feel safe, because it is never sent over the internet.
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Thanks, Mike. I'd read that in the documentation, but it didn't overcome my initial skepticism and insecurity. I'm hoping for a technical argument/explanation with some teeth in it.