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  • 20 April 2014
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Lately whenever I do a scan, no threats are detected... All the other security systems I have used at least detect something.
Any ideas?  Kind of makes me feel vulnerable.

5 replies

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Hi PepperminP!
Many other solutions tend to 'pad' the scan results and threat count to make themselves look good in my opinion.  Many of them will treat temp internet files and cookies as possible threats.
Also, they may be detecting annoyware known here as PUA's.  These are not actually malware, but they do cause browser pop-ups with ads or some other annoying activity.  Often these are in the browser Add-Ons.
Webroot DOES detect some of these, however Webroot's stance is generally that if the program or browser add-on is easily identifiable, and easily removeable, they will not list it as a threat. PUA's that are harmless, though annoying with pop-ups, that are intentionally difficult to remove ARE likely to be identified and removed by Webroot.
Chances are, your Webroot is not actually missing anything dangerous.  There is a KB Article on how to identify and remove these PUA's.
I hope this helps!
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Hi PepperminP!
Welcome to the Community Forums...
I fully endorse what David has stated above.  I used to run Kaspersky IS and  whilst it was relatively 'quiet' (or so I thought when I ran it) it now appears to have been be 'noisier' than WSA.
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Hello PepperminP. Welcome to the Community.:)
Thank you both for your responses... Have no idea what a PUA is or a KB article... can you elaborate for another non-techie?
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Hi PeppermintP
Certainly, PUA is the acronym for Potentially Unwanted Application (also know as PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program)...theses are programs that are installed either overtly or covertly but are not wanted by the user.
A KB (or Knowledge Base) article if effective more detailed help/guidance of a specific subject; in this case it goes through step by strep instructions on how to tackle PUAs/PUPs if the use feels comfortable/confident with going a bit deeper (but not too ;)) into the system.
I hope that helps?  Please post back with further questions if required.