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  • 25 May 2014
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Hello all,
In one of the earlier versions of Spy Sweeper, we were able I initiate the System Optimizer (Window Washer) by right-clicking on the Notification Icon.  Is it possible to add this to the notification context menu via the program settings?

4 replies

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Hello Krieger_bot, welcome to the Webroot Community!
As a former Window Washer user, you probably have WSA-Complete now, which as you know already has System Optimizer.
At this time, the right click of the notification icois not able to show a shortcut to the Optimizer, nor is there a setting to do so.  You might want to submit an Idea to add it!
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Hi Krieger_bot
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I would second David's suggestion that you start a Feature request thread in the Ideas Exchange.  I for would would kudo that and comment positively on the idea.  If yo do decide to do so then please post back here to advise that you that we can head over and support it.;)
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Hello Krieger_bot. Welcome to the Webroot Community.:)
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Very sorry about the delay, I was oscillating on it.  for whatever it's worth, I've submitted the idea.
Thanks for the encouragement!